Biblioteca and Galleria rooms

First floor
The Biblioteca Room was once the temple for reading and meditation and today it treasures ancient secrets. Biblioteca room is made of chestnut boiserie with an attractive and adorned fireplace, surmounted by the coat of arms of the family. It can guest 50 seated people.
The Galleria Room is an elegant and terse room, a contrast to the context.


Galleria Sm 78 (mt 13,15×5,87 – h. 4,50)
Biblioteca Sm 60 (mt 5,87×6,88 – h. 4,50)
Can accommodate up to 250 seated guests, 300 audience guests

Acceso disabili Servizi disabili Accesso con bus o furgoni Wireless Carico di energia elettrica 6 prese aeree cee 220 blu Cucina attrezzata (cucina Limonaia a piano terra) Capienza posteggio 1000 auto No deposito cauzionale

Planimetria Galleria Biblioteca
Download PDF planimetria