Information for exhibitors

Exhibitors coming from italy and abroad present high quality products able to satisfy the tastes both of the collectors and of the simple art lovers.

A quality technical commission certificates the pieces that are exhibited. This year, as the last editions, we will provide the customers with a guarantee that attests the prices and allow our visitors to safely experience the antiques art fair.

The exhibition takes place in a charming and unique frame, with the exclusive value of being far from the noises but perfectly connected to the most important cities of Lombardy. Villa Castelbarco is a special, high-class and relaxing environment where the echoes of the past still charm the visitors.

The stands are charming and can be completely personalized. They are located in the amazing frescoed rooms of the Villa, embellished by stone fireplaces, big glass windows, dome ceilings or coffer. In this magical atmosphere, the services and products offered by the exhibitors gain worthiness.

The exhibition takes place on the two floor of the Villa, covering the total surface area of 2200 square meters. It is open for nine successive days to allow customers to choose the best moment to visit it. Every year million of collectors, investors and art lovers visit the fair from all Lombardy provinces.


National antiques art fair is one of the most important antiques art exhibition in lombardy and it is able to offer to visitors great opportunities for long term investments.